About Us


In June 2014, three Best Friends had a Nouveau Dream.

Say Hello to your NN Girl Bosses

 Meet Salimah, our Indian princess. Salimah is Nouveau Noir’s Queen “B”: B for Buyer.  Born and raised in the city of Angels, Salimah is our soft peach. Though she has a sweet exterior and girly flair, this NN babe has one tough core. Steal her Los Angeles style with a sleek pencil skirt, or pair our favorite skinny jean with a flattering bustier.

Meet Dania, our Latin American wild thing. Dania is Nouveau Noir’s Finance facilitator. She may look cool and cute but she is also fierce. When she’s not at our Montreal boutique setting Nouveau goals, she’s setting fitness goals. Though she means business, she’s vibrant and loves a good party. You can spot her in the most colorful of prints, patterns and crop tops.

Meet Darah, our rock star Panamanian. Darah is Nouveau Noir’s Marketing Mastermind. Her style and grace reflect the very nature of her character. She’s magnetic. She’s wise. She’s sharp and she’s effortlessly creative. Ripped jeans, layers, and lipstick, this South American girl boss wears them best.